Photojournalist Randall Hill has worked in the Southeast for more than 25 years. 

His work has been published in most major publications in the US. 

He's been honored with numerous awards including two Photographer of the Year awards (2001, 2003) as a member of the South Carolina News Photographers Association and one Photographer of the Year award (1984) while a member of the North Carolina Press Photographers Association. 

"I struggled when I was younger with what I wanted to do with my life," said Hill, who also considered a music career. In the end the N.C. native chose photography because of the medium’s ability to help others. 

"I remember thinking of photography, especially the journalistic style, could help me make a difference in the world." 

"Throughout my life I've always loved music and photography, and I've played music since I was 10 years old. 

My parents were supportive, but I do remember bugging them with obsessive practice of old 1970s rock songs. 

"After college, music became Hill's outlet after a long day of shooting photos. 

"If you've had one of those days where everything was stressful, I've found a strum on a guitar can make things right." 

Recent opportunities have allowed Hill to combine his love of photography and music. 

"I now have the ability to support both mediums I love and to showcase clients who have made their communities better. 

"Please feel free to contact Randall for ideas that could help your publication, website or band find the images needed to show the best of your creativity.